How to model a car body?


I have studied and practiced using all the tools in make. I have been able to draw most everything I’ve tried.
How should I go about modeling a car body? This is as far as I got. I don’t have any plug-ins. Do I need some? What an I missing?


Hello! Take a look at this tutorial.


Thanks, I’m watching it right now :slight_smile:


This video answers a lot of questions! I guess I need to rewatch the first vid but where did the 2-D pics come from? Also do you think wire framing everything is the best way to draw most cars?


I stole it!! Only kidding…I use BING and select Images from the top left corner on their homepage. Enter BMW M5 CAD drawings or dimensions and poof!! …Peace…


I tried and tried the wire frame method. the wire or line was everywhere, sticking to everything? You make it look easy!!! finally I quit trying and came up with (car pictured) I’m no where near happy with it but it was just a practice car. I’m trying to get good at this as fast as I can, any advice/criticism will be appreciated.




Because of language barriers, he doesn’t dictate his videos, but this guy is a master of car modeling and a lot can be learned from watching him work.


Thanks, I’ll watch that


Also, SubD will make you life easier :