Any tutorial to create car in Sketchup, match photo

Hi, has anybody good video tutorial how to create car with match photo tool. I didnt find anything on youtube and on net:( Thank you for help

Match Photo isn’t a good tool for use in modeling cars due to the complex curves on the car. Most people who are drawing motorized vehicles use 3-view images or drawings imported as an image, not as Match Photo.

Adding to Dave, this may help give you an idea of the setup he mentions. It’s not a car, but it’s the same logic. There are some other videos on You Tube with the actual modelling but you’d have to decide for yourself what’s useful to you.

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Thanks for post and now when I have prepared reference image any tutorial what to do next? There are many fast speed videos on youtube but no good spoken tutorial. Any help please. I want to learn modeling car but need little help. Thanks a lot.

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