Drawing according to reference image


Hi, when I have prepared reference image of a car, any tutorial what to do next? There are many fast speed videos on youtube but no good spoken tutorial. Any help please. I want to learn modeling car but need little help. I dont know how put photo texture on sketchup model or how to do realistic-real looking model, which , lines of car to draw, are important and which are not, and so on… Thanks a lot.


It sounds like you plan to create a fully textured and highly accurate vehicle, but this isn’t something you can do quickly. Personally I’d start by drawing the wheels - did you want simple cylinders or rounded tyres and nuts etc in the actual wheels?
For the car body you would need a reference image of its side. Go to materials, click the Create Material… icon, and then select the ‘Use Texture Image’ box. Find your reference image and use that material to paint a rectangle. Scale the material accordingly until it matches the real-life size of your vehicle.
Then start tracing the outlines. Do the same with front/rear images, and top. Use the push-pull tool and then intersect to get the basic shape in 3D. Then start working on the details.
I wouldn’t use texture maps, just draw the details. Also have a look at the many other vehicles already in the Warehouse, you may find something similar that you can just modify.


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