Working from References

Continuing the discussion from What’s up with SketchUp Make?:

Match Photo wouldn’t have been the right technique even if your blueprints were to scale.

What is it that you want to end up with from these drawings? Do you only want a simple hollow box with these images applied as textures or are you trying to create a detailed model?

Both, but on different layers…
the framing is already built, but wrapped for transit and I left it like that in hopes to keep the squirles out until I’m ready to work on it. But I need to design the roof, would be the first priority. I can do most of that from a shell… but it’d also help to line up with the framing under neath it.

I guess I would import the images as textures, then, and apply them to the faces of the shell. First I would crop them close–no need to have anything outside the frame showing. If you crop them tight to the outer edges of the frame, they’ll be easy to import and get them sized correctly.

Frankly, if I was starting the project from scratch, I would have imported the images as images. Then I’d have stood them up in the background for reference and drawn the model while looking at the images. There seems to be enough info in them to do that and there’d be no need to deal with the issues created from them being eight generations of low quality scans.