How to measure radius of an angle?



I am struggling to find how to measure radius of an angle. Can someone please advise ?


Assuming that curve is an Arc, you can see it’s radius in Entity Info. You can display the radius in the model space using the Text tool. In either case, if the arc is inside a group or component, you’ll need to open the group or component for editing to access the arc.


Use the Tape Measure, click at a vertex in the arc and pull to the snap point of the arc center. Or look in entity info window… oh… I see Dave is on it of course.


Entity info not model info. And the dimension tool.
Have you had your coffee yet @DaveR
Once exploded those options are no longer available.

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Fixt. Thanks. :wink:


Also, if you need to find its center, there’s the context “find center” option…or use two radius dimensions where they intersect. As noted, these only work if the arc hasn’t been exploded. If it has, there is the Chris Fulmer “arc centerpoint finder” or you can put a bit of old school geometry into practice and create 2 perpendicular guides off the centers of two arc segments - pen tool on centerpoint of arc segment (cyan dot) and then draw out keeping the line magenta…repeat for second segment to get intersection.

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Thanks guys, I did not expected so much support. I think I figured that out just need to play with it a bit more :))

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