Discover Arc Radius

I have a door with curved corners and I want to call out the radius of the curves. The door was pre built by someone else so I don’t know the actual radius. Is there a way to take the existing arch and find the true radius for the call out?

Assuming the curve is an arc, you can select it and see the radius in Entity Info. If you are inserting dimensions in SU, you can also dimensions the arc radius with the Dimension tool.

All the info that my entity info shows me is that there are 13 segments and the length is about 5 3/8"

As I said, if the curve is an arc… Evidently it’s been exploded or something. If all of the segments are the same length, you could use Explode Lines to Arc to convert the selected edges into an arc. Remember that in order to have a radius, it must be an arc (part of a circle). If it is elliptical or some other shape, there won’t be a radius to report.

Thanks. I just ended up redrawing an arch over the existing one and that gave me the info I needed

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