How can I measure the length of an arc when its part of a bigger model please?

Hi All,
I have a model I made in pro, and would like to measure the length of various arc lines on the model. I know I am meant to select it first but how can I select just one arc, not the whole model? When I select one side, obviously the entire model gets selected.

Could someone kindly chime in?


You can select everything individually, try clicking once just on the actual edge of the arc.
This is assuming you are within the context of the arc, inside the group/component for editing.

A screenshot or the model would help us help.

Thanks for replying. I tried to upload a shot and it seems to just insert the text string. My object is basically a horseshoe. When I click carefully on a side, the whole object is selected in blue. Any ideas?

The blue rectangle tells me it is either a group or a component so you need to get inside to select just one arc.
Double click on it and it will open and the bounding box will get larger and change colour. Then select all the segments of the specific arc you want and look at entity info to see what the total length is.

thanks so much. I double clicked successfully but when I go to select the arc side, it only selects one segment.

Which is why I said

Use ctrl with the select tool to click each segment, or drag a selection window around the segments you want.

thanks. I appreciate the help!

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I don’t enable end points often but they are useful for identifying when curves are exploded.

You could weld those curves using TIG Weld from Sketchucation, Eneroth Auto Weld, or Weld from the Extension Warehouse. Welding the curves would make them easier to select and reduce artifacts when extruding the shapes to 3D.

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