Measuring along a section of an arc

Hi there,
Does anyone know how to measure along an arc to a certain point? For example, If I draw an arc thats 3000mm long and want to find where 800mm finishes along the arc is that possible?

You can calculate the angle of the arc with a given length and use the Protractor tool afterwards.
ArcAngle = (180 * ArcLength) / (ArcRadius * π )
ArcAngle = (180 * 800) / (1000 * π ) = 45,83662361


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That’s awesome mate! Thanks for taking the time to respond

You could also do it manually by using the segments of the arc. Obviously this would vary depending on the number of segments used.
Basically by exploding the curve you can find the right point along the appropriate segment.

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Another option using TIG’s Arc By Tools