Finding radius of curvature (8.6 MB) how do I measure the radius of curvature for an imported object? using the “entity info” doesn’t seem to show radius, and because the geometry is an import, exploding the geometry didn’t work for me either.

Which curve are you trying to find the radius of? The round end on the left, for example, is not circular so it has no radius. Note the three guidelines don’t intersect at a common point.

Probably the easiest thing to do is to trace the curves with the 2-Point Arc tool and find out what the radius is if you can get the arc to line up with the existing geometry.

By the way, there seems to be an awful lot of unused stuff in your model.

@DaveR is correct that you can’t easily find the radii here because there are many arcs making up this shape. Also, FYI, the model is really small. Is the scale correct?

I scaled it up for this example. Then intersected a flat plane through the shape to get a 2D outline. Then used Arc Center Point Finder to put a guide point at various arc center points. Then you can find the radius using Entity Info.