How to make woodplanks in a frame



I have some problems… If i make a fram of steel with inner dimensions as following 2135mm x 735mm. And i also make a woodplank as a separate component which is 40mm. I want to have a space between each plank about 10mm and i therefor copy the plank from the first one and put it 50mm away and duplicate it. How can i solve this easiest way to make it edge to edge (left and right) with 10mm space between every plank?



Your measurements don’t add up, but use the move tool with ctrl to make a copy 50mm over then the number you need.



Are you thinking something like this? As box mentioned, in this example I am using the copy-move feature to place the second board 50mm from the first. The next step was to perform a linear array command. I typed “20x” and then changed it and typed “40x”.


Here is a video on how SketchUp creates arrays

Hope this helps



You can also do an array that divides the length.
A division of 42 is close to the size you want, as you see here it rounds to 10mm but is actually 9.881mm or something like that.

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