How to make the sink, cant see bottom of sink

Hi, can anybody help me how to insert sink to kitchen unit. I have cuted out the hole with push/pull tool /in the kitchen top but anyway when I insert sink from 3D warehouse to hole, I cant see bottom of the sink. Any help please, I tried more types and always the same problem. Thank you

most likely the cupboard top casing is in the way, can you share your model via the upload link (7th icon )

Hi, here is screenshot of kithen with sink. Sink is not complete, cannt see bottom of sink and dont know how to do it. Thanks a lot for help.

At a guess I would say you have only cut out the top face of the bench top and you need to cut out the bottom face too.

Yes thanks, there was problem I didnt removed bottom side of kitchen top. Thanks

One thing you might consider is that bottom face of the kitchen top is superfluous. You could erase the entire bottom surface. You really only need the front and top surfaces. If there’s an exposed end, you would add that in.

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