How to make PNG insted of JPG

How to make PNG instead of JPG with "make unique texture " function?

Change the export type when you export it.

No option for that; I exported by photoshop bridge “edit texture image in external editor” [and this is pure gold option] but I can’t change, file extend :[ , it’s always JPG

You can export the texture as a png. Save it locally and then edit it.

long process

Alright. Then the answer is no.

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no hacks? this is hard-coded .jpg extension ? Thanks anyway; I need to look on my own then;

If there was an option to change it, you’d see an Options button or be prompted to choose a file type as you are when you export a texture image.

NO, but SU doesn’t convert images…

if you start with a png, SU uses a png…

you can test this by importing a new texture png, apply it, make_unique and then edit it…

it remains a png throughout…



Once you have a set of textured materials you can use a simple script to export texture files for all of them in one go,
The files can all be made as PNGs if so desired - even it they are currently JPGs.

A ‘fast-texture-writer’ is needed - e.g.

Here’s another version [RB attached]…
Here’s some code to change a texture name/type in situ…
The first example renames each texture and also PNGs it…

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Thanks! the last one looks very interesting;
WOW RenameTextures.rb !! this is it !! love it THX;

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