How to make one solid component

Sketchup easy (They say) I find it very difficult to understand the logics.

I have a simple object to replace a broken one. I managed to create the right measures and form. It should be one solid support plate, but no way I can find a way to make it solid. I even can’t fill the top face. Sketchup won’t create a face, no matter how many times I draw the lines. Exhausting…

Can you share the model with us?

Sorry, I forgot this.AutoSave_Steunplaat.skp (113.2 KB)

Do you want to draw something like this?


It required some cleanup.AutoSave_Steunplaat.skp (99.5 KB)

Yes, that’s it. Could you tell me which steps to make to achieve this?

If I was drawing this thing, which I’m not, I would do it this way.

Draw the cross section and extrude it to height. Then draw the circles for the pins on the top and bottom and use Push/Pull to extrude them. Make a component and it should be solid with no special tricks or extra steps.

I tried it again and succeeded following your instructions. Thanks a lot!

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