How to make my render more realistic with vray?

I have problems with my renders. All of them they don’t look like photo at all. Does anyone know what is wrong with my settings?

There are 3 spot lights. On the ceiling:
intensity 25
Units : defaults
Spot Angle: 1,9
Penumbra angle 0,4
Decay Linear
Penumbra Linear

And 2 sconces:
intensity 10
Units : defaults
Spot Angle: 1,8
Penumbra angle 0,3
Decay Linear
Penumbra Linear

I tried so many different V-ray settings :confused: The ones on the photo attached are:
Type - Default
Physical Camera On
Type - still camera
Shutter speed -100
F-number 11
Film speed - 100
Distortion - 0
Zoom Factor - 1,0
Lens -0

Indirect Ilumination:
Post- procesing:
Saturation - 1,0
Contrast base 0,5
Contrast 1,0
Multiplier 1,0 Irradiance Map
Sec Bounces
Multiplier 1,0 Light Cache

Irradiance map
Min rate -3
max rate -2
HSph 50
Interp samples 20

Clr 0,4
Nrm 0,3
Dist 0,1
iterp 2

Light cache
Subdiv 800
Sample size 0,02
Scale Screen
Number of passes 0
Depth 100
Store direct light on
show calc phase on
min paths 16

How to make the render look more realistic?

I would say that your lighting is too harsh and doesn’t actually represent the light in the room;
First I would colour in the lightbulb with a unique colour and make this a “neon” light source.
I would then turn down the direct lighting and maybe turn up the ambient just a little bit.
I would also put some sunlight outside the window so you have some nice daylight streaming in.

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I wouldn’t use such an extreme wide angle “lens”

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If the light comes from the lamp, why it is dark? There should be a light source where the shadows give an idea of it to feel “right” for the eyes.

Thanks for all your advises.
I decided to add photo outside the window, but it made my render look really dark, so I’ve changed the setting of the camera to:
F-numer 8
Film speed 320
Shutter speed 30

There are some new stuff on the model, but in general it is the same model as in the first post.
I’ve change all the whites and used different shades for wall panels, furniture and paint. You were right, it looks so much better
Downloaded IES file and used in the model, although I don’t see much difference. Maybe my settings are incorrect?
I’ve added some bumps etc.
Camera angle changed to 65.

Render looks so much better now, but the shutters are overexposed. Environment is 1,0 for GI. Or maybe the fault is somewhere else?

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What have you done to make it more real ?

I am using sketchup but The problem is that I set all my settings as the tutorials, and the materials settings I make the same as the tutorials but the render looks not real!

Even I need to set a white studio to render my products but I dunno what lights to use and settings.
Please help
Thank you

This is my work, how to make it real with lights and others? What is the difference?

I wanna make it as this one! What is the difference?