Interior rendering looks fake


i am trying to render the interior model of my house in VRAY but no matter what i do, the rendering looks way off. any advise on how to make this right?

The lighting is very flat, as if there is a large “ambient” factor being applied to all surfaces. Does VRAY have an overall ambient coefficient or factor that you can control? If so, reduce it by 80%, or set it to zero or something, as a test.

Or is there a light source positioned at the virtual camera location (similar to how SketchUp’s built-in viewport rendering works)? If so, eliminate it or reduce its intensity greatly.

Pretty good start, I’d say. Here’s another non-VRay general answer.

Yes back off the lighting and exposure and try building it up again.

Modeling: You’ll want to add rounded corners to elements, especially those close up. Start with the furniture and things like the openings in the wall, and the light soffit, the wall details. If VRay has a “bevel” feature explore that. A “trick” modelers have told me is to add tiny space at the bottom of the walls to the floor. Also add a base if there will be one.

Textures: find or develop the textures for wall surface, floor and things like the chair. What is it made of. It doesn’t look like the furniture textures have any reflection, roughness, or texture (bump or displacement). This may take more learning and advice or finding VRay textures that suit you.

Adding more objects to the scene help realism. Art etc.

Finally the camera position is low and not really natural. And you can do final exposure and then color adjustments (contrast etc.) to the image.