How to make multiple surfaces into one surface

I have recently started a school project and we have to create a blimp, I created the blimp by creating a sphere and stretching it, this therefore created an accurate blimp shape using multiple faces/ surfaces… I than wanted to paint it with my custom paint, when I did this a part of my custom paint would go onto each surface, therefore creating a odd looking texture, I need to know how to evenly paint this ‘blimp’ or how to make all of these surfaces into one connected surface, all the help will be appreciated, if possible images would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

hello, select all, right click and choose soften/smooth edges then adjust settings to have a connected surface, then use fredo6’s thrupaint plugin on this surface to apply your texture on it

I understand your solution and I know this will work for what I want, however sadly I can’t install or download plugins so I sadly need a method through the stock sketch-up

Why is that?

can you supply an example model and texture or at least a screenshot?


This can be done with native tools. Here are a few idea to explore:

This is three images of what I am trying to do,the blimp and the image I want to place onto the blimp for those who wanted to know. I need to place the image onto the blimp as one image

fixed your image…


the technique shown if first video one above, should do it…


Okay thank you a lot.

This has been resolved now, thank you all so much, my teacher is very happy I was able to figure this out as he is new to sketch up also! Thanks again!

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