How to make models more Realistic

Hey guys I’ve been using sketchup for years, but I don’t understand how to make my models more realistic.
Hopefully you guys can guide me!

More realistic than what? Most people use some sort of rendering application like Vray or Thea. I use one called Kerkythea which I find does more than I need. There are many different rendering programs and there is no best one so take a look and see what you like.

  1. model realistically, be careful of geometry that may be too much detail or will not be seen
  2. textures are important if you want a convincing model
  3. what DaveR said.

Details, details, details!

Add all the small things you normally don’t even notice in real life. Inset windows a few cm from the facade, fillet edges, add screws, have small gaps (a few mm) between elements (e.g. between a door and its frame). Add boring and ugly stuff like power outlets and the like.

Start looking at the real world for all the noise your brain usually filters out. This noise makes realism.

Thanks Dave from my research that looks like the kind of programs I need to

What’s best for like outside of homes and like interiors?

I see pictures of 3d renderings on Google images and I don’t understand how
they get sure realistic results.

The thing is when I had details I feel like it just adds more black lines vs giving the desired effect…
Also any tips on landscaping?
I do mostly house exterior renderings

Any rendering program should work for exteriors.

As has been mentioned, the use of good materials, proper details and setting up the lighting correctly all play a part. Generally for exteriors you’ll also need to use some sort of appropriate background image to add some reference.

It takes lots of practice.

Keep in mind that rendered images don’t normally show all those edges you’re drawing in SketchUp. The render will only include surfaces.

Wait, are you talking about realism directly in the SketchUp view? I thought you meant in your model in general.

SketchUp is a modeler, designed to be used for creating models. This includes things like edge lines that doesn’t exist in the real world but makes the model easier to work with. You can disable the edges by editing your style but it still wont look realistic. If you want to generate photo realistic images you need to use a renderer to simulate light similarly to how actual light works.

A bunch of great advice here but I’d like to also add use “styles”. Play with your styles. You can get a bunch of great free ones from SketchUp Artists, . Don’t hesitate to go in and edit your chosen styles too. You can change virtually countless parameters and combine different styles to come up with unique looks.

Though I do like Kerkythea (which is free) and some of the other photo rendering applications, I have been able to get pretty decent results just playing around in basic SketchUp. Don’t be a afraid to copy a file and take risks with it. You can always go back to the original if needed…Mick C

Something that seems to always be understated in the forums in post production work. I find that I spend more time editing my images in Photoshop after rendering my models.

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