How to make modelling Mosaic

Could you guide me how to model this kind of mosaic?image

What is the final goal?

What do you mean by modeling, a 3D detailed surface or as in the image, probably a rendering of a 2D texture?

Normally, you can render that image using a texture (DIFF, BUMP, NORM, DISP, AO) that you can create in Substance Designer.
As an idea:

(instead of those 3D objects, you’ll apply a pattern with the floral design)

Or you can try to find that seamless pattern texture by searching on Google.

Fast render using the picture from OP as a texture (with normal and bump map)


I would not model the fine detail, rather use an image texture to the base geometry. I’ve use similar type panels before, see attached ZIP file for 2no. SKP files that could interest you. I found them on the 3D Warehouse back then. (1.6 MB)

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