How to make it BETTER?

Assuming that’s a rendering not a photo, pretty nice! But what is your question really, and what does it have to do with SketchUp, let alone Extensions (the category you posted to)?

I would say that removing the little people in the back would be a big improvement. They’re very creepy looking.


Personal opinion:

  • too many ceiling lights - have hidden lighting in the lips above the ceiling blocks.
  • there is no thickness of wall between the central arch and the side insets
  • the material used for the doors on the side insets runs horizontally rather than vertically
  • the side inset doors have no definition or profile
  • the orange chair backs & table would be better black or purple to tie in with the rest of the scene
  • the TV face could have some reflection on it
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“Better” is a purely subjective term when used in this context. Anything that has been (or will be) suggested is filtered through the lens of the observer. Such a filter may have either a beneficial or negative effect on any given individual, therefore the wording is innocuous and fails to define what you are really going after…

A primary school of thought relative to design says that “best” concepts start with the composition of elemental forms making up a layout, form follows function, and that simpler is more desirable than complex. That being said, perhaps the “better” way to organize your image would be to declutter the scene and focus on an organized, logical arrangement of the interior furnishings.

IMO, this question has limited relevance to the use of SketchUp and may be better situated under the Corner Bar category if it is to be featured in this forum at all.

I think we’re up against a language issue here, which strips much of the nuance from the OP’s request.


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I think the Gallery category is the best place for this thread so I moved it there.

I agree with Gully about the artists’ mannequins. BTW, why would anyone own more than one? It is not a decoration but a tool for practising your drawings skills. One was enough for my father who was a professional artist.

Why is the pillar so glossy?


thanks for your attention.
i think its right that : we’re up against a language issue here
i want to know your opinion to make it better and i will show you the real pic after run.
we can help each other.
what do you think : before change , my idea , after change
like this :