How to make curves intersect at a vertex?

Can anyone help me get my canopy curves to intersect at the vertex the arrow is pointing at?
I’d really like to know how to do some complex moves like this.

Lightning02.skp (1.1 MB)

Use the Vertex Tools Plugin to just move the curve slightly over to intersect. That would be a quick way to do it. Is it not a better idea to keep the canopy a separate mesh ?

VT are great! Also with basic tools you could also select the curve. Move by snapping from where they intersect the plane, then snap to the intersection you are after. In some cases you have to press the Windows key while you make the move to allow auto-fold. Then you must deselect the curve and move the point on the other end back to where it needs to be on the centerline layout. You will have some extra geometry to clean up down along the fuselage intersection. Now might be the time to get rid of the portion below that is not actually part of the canopy.

Thanks! I’ll give those suggestions a try.