Can someone please help me draw a line?......



Hi guys, I know this must be simple, I am still learning…
Attached is two curved planes forming an irregular hip corner on a roof design Id like to make. I have the two planes represented but unsure how to draw the curved intersect line so I can erase the corners leaving the corner of the roof. Any help would be super special.corner planes intersect.skp (45.5 KB)


Intersect Faces would be the tool to use. There are a couple of things, that should be fixed. First, you have excessive nesting of groups. Explode them at least to a single level. Then, the curves are different shapes. Is that what you want? If you want the curves to have the same shape, it would be easier to draw a profile and an L-shaped path and use Follow Me.


Select both and right context click “intersect with selection” and then erase parts unwanted.
You may need to explode first?


Thank you thank you thank you, you guys rock.