How to make colors transparent?



New to sketch up pro (old free version 7 user). How to make colors transparent? I would have expected this $700.00 program to be immediately easier to use than the old, free version but I’m not having any luck finding the tool that controls the transparency of colors. The old, free version has the tool right in the edit tab, but SU Pro 2017 does not. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Did you really expect SketchUp to stand still for 8 years or more so that nobody would need to learn new aspects of the GUI? A lot has changed since SU v7!

Open the Materials editor (Window->Materials), select the material you want to edit, and move the opacity slider to make it less opaque.

Edit: Your profile says you have an Intel HD 4000 graphics. Be warned that there are various issues with the OpenGL drivers for that graphics adapter that may cause SketchUp to crash or encounter display glitches. This is a problem with the OS’s drivers, not something SketchUp can correct.


also make sure your ‘Edit’ pane is dragged down to it’s maximum height if the slider is missing…



Wow… tough crowd in here. No, of course I did not expect that the hands of time would freeze in direct proportion to whatever quaint software program versions I still run on archaic computers, but of course this is why I’m here asking the questions. If I have not been exposed to the new software, how could I learn new aspects? As you may have surmised, I’d kept the old jalopy version 7 running because it’s the last free version that allows .dwg files to import. I only very occasionally use SU, and so the urgency to spend $700 on Pro was not exactly felt. I now have it, so it’s learning time. I have noticed some performance issues with the software (same as with my older computer with SU v7), and so I’m curious if a better card would promise improvement.


That was it. I’m not accustomed to the palettes being docked on the side like they now are, and have some getting acclimatizing to do. Thank you.