How to make an aileron (on an airplane wing)

I’ve designed myself into a corner, and my modest Sketchup skills can’t get me out.
How would I go about making an aileron fit this wing?
It’s tilted in two axes and I can feel my hair turning grey trying to figure this out.Ki-8 01.skp (3.7 MB)


With basic tools

in SketchUp 8, with Add&Align Component plugin by SDMitch


Whoa! Thank you! Thanks to your very helpful gifs, these solutions look like I might be able to understand them, given sufficient study.:grinning:

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Looks like you’re sorted but I thought I’d suggest that if you modeled the aileron in place, you wouldn’t have to mess around with getting it oriented correctly. If I were making the model I would start with the entire wing including the aileron (and flap) as a single piece and cut the airleron free.

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I tried that, but it got messy, and that approach didn’t include the gutter I wanted.

Need a different approach, then. It certainly would work. I use it frequently for making parts that need to fit together.

Edit to add:

I had a few minutes after work to make a wing with an aileron using what I described above.

I started with the wing shown at the left. Much easier to draw the wing without the cut out for the aileron, by the way.

I drew the gap between wing and aileron, intersected faces and erased the geometry in the gap.

Here’s the aileron pulled away from the wing.


Okay, now I’m convinced! You really did make it look simple. Let’s see if I can do it myself now! :grinning:Thanks!