Creating a wing leading/trailing edge

I’ve been working on this project for several weeks now and for the most part it has gone smoothly.

There is one glaring exception to this. Creating the leading and trailing edges on a wing. Normally we’d simply make a airfoil section and extrude it, but in this case as you can that is impossible. I’ve tried everything, and thus far no success. I’d be grateful if someone could help me out with this.

Thank you.

What is exactly is everything?

What are the arrows pointing at? Do you have an image that shows the sort of thing you’re trying to achieve?

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Hi Dave, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

Attached is what I’m trying to achieve (eventually).

So far, curviloft, follow (useless in this case anyway), the new Raylectron ‘connect tool’ and the sandbox contour tool. I don’t know what else to try?

Maybe TIG’s Extrude Edges by Rails.

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That could work. Thank you. I’ll have to go find the extension now. :blush:


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I would probably use one of the Subdivision plugins to best achieve that shape. Im not sure if its still supported but I used to use Artisan Toolset.

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If the TIG extrude tool doesn’t work, I’ll see if that is still available. Thank you.

@DaveR @liamk887 I’m not really sure what path to take. The profiles of the opposite faces are of different sizes and the curve is not helping.

Soften the edge indicated with the red arrow. Erase the edges marked with the blue arrows and the weld the border edges so they become curves you can select for Extrusion Tools.

If it were me then I would not make it this way but via SubD instead.

It’s been some time but thats how I made all my planes in SketchUp back when I used to make them.


So, work had me busier than a beaver in Spring. Thank you to @DaveR and @liamk887 for your tips. I have managed to make some progress, I think for the most part the geometry needs a lot of smoothing out to look the part.

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