Putting a plan and side view together

Hello, I am trying to sketch up an unmanned aircraft design, but cannot figure how to make a 3D curved wing.

As you can see from the image I have made a plan and a side-on 2D model. The question I simply cannot answer, is how may I combine them? I have tried the follow me tool, but that only works using lines as guides.

I have made the plan view shorter at the front to accommodate for the side view having a curve at the bottom.

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

One simple attempt with Curviloft:

Thanks a lot, i’ll give it a go. Looks like just what I was looking for.

Keep in mind that you don’t really need intervening sections to describe an area that tapers at a continuous rate between two other sections. In other words, in the previous example (with respects to @Cotty), the eight sections above the one at the tip are not needed and don’t make any contribution to the shape except to add a couple of small, unwanted waves or ripples in the surface because their size and distance from center are slightly off. You should concentrate sections where the shape changes, where the section starts to taper at a different rate, or around curves, where the additional resolution is needed to describe the change in shape.

Once you have a series of sections lined up, you can use a lofting plugin, such as Curviloft, as @Cotty has demonstrated, to generate the contoured skin across the sections, or you can do that part by hand, using a technique called “hand stitching,” which consists of connecting the corresponding end points in the sections with straight lines and then splitting the resultant quadrilaterals with diagonals, creating a mesh of triangular faces, which can then be transformed into the appearance of a smooth, continuous contoured surface using the Soften/Smooth command.


Thanks a lot for all your brilliant help @Cotty and @Gully_Foyle. I have managed to do what I wanted to do.