Advices on how to create the shape? (part of an Aircraft)


I am looking for any methods that could help me create the shape better. The type of shape is a Fuselage to Wing Joint (FTWJ). I have a blueprint where I am trying to create a Learjet 45 and I have trouble with creating the FTWJ shape. So what I am looking is any types of methods that could involve plugins or other tools from Sketchup to create the FTWJ more accurately. I have no experiences with this type of modelling and I would appreciate that anyone can teach me how to do so.

If you have any questions, then go ahead and ask.

You’re not giving us much to go on, but I would use a variety of Thomthom’s plugins and one of Tigs to build a plane.
Here is a very basic start for you.

Obviously it depends what you want the model to be, this is a very quick fluid method that can create a nice shape, but if you want to make an accurate piece by piece model of a Learjet you need to tackle the individual parts.

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@Box alright. I’ll take a picture of what I am having trouble with.
That’s why I said "If you have any question, then go ahead and ask. I don’t know what information I should tell. I apologize for that.

You should able to see the red arrow, that’s the FTWJ shape I am having trouble with. As you can see I already finished the Fuselage.


It’s speedy, but here is what I did:


I can indeed see the red arrow (rather apt) I can also see the ‘square with a radius corner’ that it is pointing to. Then I look at your ‘finished fuselage’ and I’m in a quandry. I can’t for the life of me think how we can marry these complex parts together without spilling vast quantities of beer over detailed plans in a snug somewhere in the back of a thatched roof pub. Unfortunately I think we are hemispheres apart on this one. @TheOnlyAaron will have to sort you out.

@Box, I would be happy to help you out with that beer…


Yeah. I know how you feel. I am not sure what to do about that FTWJ. Like I said I have no experiences with creating that part. of course, that’s why I created this topic to get some advice and help.



Have you found another way to make the work easier for me or anyone to create that shape, FTWJ?
I haven’t found a good method yet.

I cant really help but I was curious what that part should look like.

I was curious, too. I found a low-poly model made in 3ds Max:

If you click through the slide show, it gives a good idea of how to maybe create this is SketchUp.


The link you provided was very useful. LJ45. that gave me a good idea of how it looks like. :face_with_monocle:

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This topic is no longer active because I found a good way to create that shape without any difficulty! :slight_smile:

Guys, thank you for trying to help me out.

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