How to make a mono sloping roof?

Hi I am new to sketchup, I can’t figure out how to make a mono slopping roof, or a diagonal slopping roof?. I’m sure its easy to do but I am having trouble.

So many ways…

rotation rectangle will create a plane @ an angle, you can input slope as a ratio too

you could build a profile then either push/pull or use follow-me

you could make use of the sticky raw geometry and select an edge or point and reform a basic rectangle or cubic to suit

you could make use of the offset on a ceiling plan to off set a given distance, the use Alt M on the selected middle to move up a set distance, this invokes autofold to produce the hips and valleys
then use the inference engine to complete the roof

there are many techniques, so check out YouTube to see them in action

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One of the very basics, the move tool on an edge.


A recent thread that may help: Simple Soffit and Hip Roof -Maybe Gables Too

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