How to make a cube with specific dimensions?

Hi everybody.

I’d like to know what the fastest way to make a cube is.
Let’s suppose I need a cube with 35’ 2 1/8" as lenght on every edge.
I can draw a rectangule and type that value, then pull it and type it again.
But … can I copy and paste than value in some input text box?
Is there a different way to do this?

Thank you :wink:

I guess I could work on mm as far it’s easier to type the value and it’s the metric system Spain uses.
But I don’t think it were possible to paste a value.
If someone knows about that or a plugin I’m all ears.

Not sure why you want this but you can draw a cube without typing anything, I suppose that’s pretty fast.

You have to change the length snapping settings in model info to do it,

Then the tools will snap to this measurement, of course you need to change the snap setting back but its the fastest way “with the tools” I can think of right now.

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I’m taking an image as reference and that is approximately its size.
But I guess I could do something like you did and then scale.

IMHO, its not too difficult to enter dimensions and I think its the first time I’ve messed with units in “forever”. Its not something I would normally do, but its my answer to the question.

There are too many figures to remember when it comes about they way feet and inches are expressed, hehe.

I’m afraid that’s not possible with SketchUp and i’ve never heard a plugin doing so (yet).
I wish SketchUp had those basic ‘parametric’ features (like in Blender or 3ds Max).

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