About drawing dimensions and units


Hi everybody.

I found a site with some exercises to do.
Now I have two questions.

The first one is how to make the measurement of the distance I drew in red.

The second one is how to show the units ignoring the decimals. I did it, yes, but I modified this properties and I’m not sure if this is the right way


Sketchup crashed and I don’t have the file to upload it, but I can make it again.


You set the Units correctly to prevent displaying them in the dimensions. There’s no where else to make that setting anyway.

As for making the dimension in red, what’s the problem. You can do it like putting in any other dimensions. The proper method would be to run the lower extension line from the outer corner, though.


Oh, I got it after reading you, thank you @DaveR

It was taking the diagonal measure at first place, but depending on the direction I move the cursor I can get what I was looking for, the same you did. I’m so dumb :frowning:


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