How to locate a model on sketchup 32 bits?


Since there is no Google Location Model for Sketchup 2016 and earlier, users of 32 bits versions are suddenly out of a great tool that Sketchup once offered to the users in general.

As an architect I need a tool that easily locate my model, for sun light purposes the most. I use SU 2015 on a laptop, and I prefer win 7 32 bit due my system characteristics.

Any alternative?


You should still be able to set lat/long in Model Info/Location. For shadow studies that’ll be adequate.


Oh that works!

I am very grateful.


And I must retire my comment that users are not able to locate a model. Sorry for that.


I sometimes miss the old built-in list of locations that was there in the pre-Google versions of SketchUp to aid “manual” location before the map-based system was introduced.


the original black’n’white snapshots from ‘google earth’ desktop where @last as well weren’t they?

on a mac they used an Apple script to take a screen shot…

I recall hearing or thinking or believing it was partly to enhance Googles interest in buying them out…

but my memory can play tricks…



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