How to keep 1 toggle turned on, turn off all others?

This is a tricky one! Anyone know how to turn all other toggles to OFF when I have any 1 toggle set to ON? So if toggle 1 is on, 2 and 3 turn off, IF toggle 2 is on, turn off toggle 1 and 3. Any idea how to set this up?

This is an interesting one, and is a result of the inherent concept of a “graph” (the graph is also known as a DAG, or Directed Acyclic Graph, where this applies to any similar graph, not just this one). I’ll use this opportunity to explain it (you can find more information about this here in the documentation).

A graph is made up of nodes, most nodes require an input in order to function properly, which can be gotten from other nodes. If we use a metaphor of a river, nodes that provide an input can be called “upstream nodes” (otherwise known as a dependency). Nodes that are further down can therefore be called “downstream nodes”.

Using this metaphor, we can also visualize that data and geometry “flowing” through the graph can only go in one direction. A single node cannot be dependent on itself as that’ll create an infinite loop. The only time this concept is broken is with the loop/iterator and switch nodes (more information as to how/why can be found in the node docs).

Getting back to parameters, visibility of parameters can be parametrically controlled within the graph (as you know), thus they also have to conform to the same concept of the graph.

Visibility of parameters is slightly removed from the overall concept of the graph, so there are probably some improvements to be made on that front - thanks for bringing up the topic!

Thanks for reaching out! Btw, I watched the graph video we discussed. Just to confirm, is it not currently possible to achieve this? It seems like the only solution is an iterative loop, like in Excel so I’m not surprised if this wouldn’t work. Do you have any other ideas to achieve something similar?

I want to do this because, in the case of a graph with 40 toggles, I want to nest them, but I can’t nest everything. So in the case where I’ve nested things and am now viewing say 5 toggles at the top level of the configure window, if I open one of those toggles and view the information nested within said toggle, the other 4 toggles would close, this way the user wouldn’t have to see a huge distraction of other toggles and it’s information open all at one time in the configure window, which would maintain a very clean user experience in my live component.

Correct, you currently cannot do this exactly. Though as a similar solution to cleaning up the parameter panel, you can do something like this: Tidy Parameters

That is my current solution atm. Thank you for replying to this anyways! Your knowledge on this program is impressive!