3D Nodes counterproductive

Is it really a good idea to make nodes 3D? I find it counterproductive.

I guess the idea was to make nodes window more attractive and similar to 3D window, but in practice node graphs get complicated and adding 3D to it while the 3rd dimension is not employed is not very logical.

I like the overall idea of Creator a lot. Just sharing my immediate thoughts.

Hi @Tomasz ,

Try the ā€œCā€ shortcut.
It toggles between 3D and top view modes.


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Still 3D :wink: but definitely easier to manage.

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Thanks for the feedback @Tomasz! We do have plans to leverage the 3D aspect of the graph in the future, and figured we would design it this way from the start in order to make development and feature adding more efficient.

We understand that currently, it serves no real purpose (other than aesthetic), but it wont always be this way.