How to intersect two mall and office / residential - A minus B?


Hi I made two buildings
A residential
B the matching mall (different shapes for light penetration reason)
When I put one into/under the other I need to get rid of the office building
that protrudes into the mall area as the shops
take away the volume from the office building
In the moment I am doing it manually and it takes forever
finding all intersections with model etc.
How can I do it faster everything is made in layers

Also wanted to ask experts:
I set all office ceiling height A for at 3,4m
but made the mall floors higher to make it feel airier spacious. 3.9m
it has a big open center lobby space 8 storeys heigh


You can enter the group/component you want to cut, select all, right click and select Intersect > With Model and the intersection lines should appear as edges. Then you can just manually delete the stuff that overlaps with the other volume.


Thank you very much. My PC can’t seem to handle the entire process.
it goes into a NOT RESPONDING mode.
I left it like that for more than an hour because the project is quite large.
its 60 storeys tall. Should I sort of erase the top above the mall
and then re import it ?

Can your procedure be done while one of the layer is made invisible?

I am self-taught 60+ and work on the old free version.

I create projects for myself to learn more.


@Voicefromwithin, did you try working like with real elements?
Something like this:

You could get rid of those intersections that can block the program.

Is it possible to push/pull a profile?

Hello. Thank you very much. No i am not doing it like you, mea culpa.
I have to learn this now I spend a great time Making floors and then put in the windows. Actually yesterday I got caught up so much into one section and when it was done somehow I had erased ALL the glass windows from one side of the entire building. When I looked in my layers all showed so I guess
they were linked to something I deleted.
Lucky I save each sort of work under a new 00x number so I can go back

When you make the “ring” in your GIF how do you tell them to repeat as same distance? Till now I have to mark each floor with a measuring tool.
I have noticed if I put (let’s say your ring) in a group I can just copy paste it upwards. But If I copy and move it out and around the building somewhere and then select it all then I can paste like 20 floors in 2 minutes. But when it’s a group they do not seem to pop into place.
I also have difficulty to past sometimes into exact location.
i click on the link where I want it to go but it will float around in xyz
till I zoom in close.
May I ask HOW do you make such a capture “GIF”?
I could more easily show what mistake I make (if I can learn that also).

I really wish I could upload the entire building…but somehow I am always concerned once it’s all on the Internet it like giving the entire concept away
I worked on this for near six months on my spare time it’s totally unique.
And somehow I do have hopes to show it a later stage when it’s all done

I don’t have all the fancy plugins. Need to save to buy the new software
budgets budgets not all wants are turned into reality .


Use the move command, then enter the desired distance, and then the number of elements you want to be copied.
Ex: 100 enter 3x enter. This means that at a distance of 100 cm I want to place 3 elements.

For items that are identical and repeat, you should normally create components rather than groups.
In order to position an element at a certain “exact location”, you have more options depending on the situation. You could use the axes, or draw a line, or use measurement tool, etc.

I used the software, LICEcap.

There is no fancy plugin needed.


Hello Thank you very much I will try to apply all your detailed advice in the next days and get back to you. Regards Vic


Hello The weather was very hot here and I haven’t come round to work on this in the evening
Somehow I got drawn into another problem…
I have a very long slightly concave roof within the same structure
and I can’t figure out why beside in the center the every third brace does not want to fill into a plane
I obtained this curve but find

intersection with the glass windows under it are concave.


@Voicefromwithin, please do not post the same questions in multiple threads. Everyone can see your posts. There is not need to ask this questions multiple times.