How to install my copy of SU 2014 on a new computer


how do I install my existing copy of SU 2014 on a new computer running windows 10 pro 64?


Right click on the installer file, choose Run as administrator and let it do its thing. Make sure you have your license info so you can enter that once it’s installed.


Thanks Dave
SU is installed on my old computer. Where do I find the installer file?


Typically the installer file would be in the Downloads folder on your computer. That’s normally where downloaded files end up. Look there. Unless you deleted it, it ought to be there. If it’s not, you are probably out of luck. The oldest installer Trimble still offers in for SU2016. See:


Thanks Dave


Good luck.

If you need features like Geo Location, you’ll want to consider upgrading to SketchUp Pro 2018. The Add Location feature is no longer functional in versions prior to SU2017 Pro.


Downloads of the legacy versions down to version 2015 (English only) can be found at:

• SketchUp Help: Downloading older Versions

Alternatively you can download SUP v2014 (EN) from our SUP download archive.


Thanks 3d

I managed to find my installer version of SU 2014 hidden in an old folder of mine. I am up and running now.

I was trying to reinstall on my new computer using the installed folders from the old computer. I seem to remember doing that in the past with some apps but maybe wrong about that.

Thanks for the link to pre-2015 versions. That maybe useful for the future.