How to insert any image into 3D warehouse

How do insert images I pull from the web into Sketchup/3D warehouse? I’m designing a kitchen and adding custom tile, I have the image currently saved as a PDF… how to get it into my sketch?

You don’t need to put it in the 3DW. download the tile image from the web or rip it from the pdf and save it to your computer then import it as an image or texture to SU

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on your mac File >> Import >> PDF works…


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You can import a PDF, at least on a Mac.

I do prefer prepping bitmaps in Photoshop first, if I can.

If imported as an image, next steps are:

  1. select the image and right click and explode it
  2. draw a rectangle around the part that will repeat as a pattern
  3. right click and Make Unique Texture

That make a repeating pattern of just that portion.

The pattern should now be in the “Colors in Model” palette so you can apply it anywhere else in the model.

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Is importing a pdf a pro thing, a mac thing or a 2018 thing?

nevermind :slight_smile:

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Thank you, from what I’m figuring out I can add new textures or materials because I’m using the trial version

You can add new textures in any version…even free. Not sure why you wanted to do it through the 3DW though.

I was thinking I read that somewhere. Thanks for finding it.

I am working on Pro 2018 on a Mac.

I thought that was the way to do it. Just learning here…

Me too :slight_smile:

This is why I didn’t think I could add texture on the trial version. I’m trying to add a new tile for a backsplash.


Did you try RTCools instruction above about exploding and creating a unique texture?

You cannot edit the materials that are in the SketchUp material libraries from within SketchUp. You can only edit materials that are already in your model. To see them, select the In Model material library.

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Hmm, I’m not sure why “New Texture…” is greyed out. Through that you get an “Open…” dialog box to open a file on disk. I’m not that experienced at using that method, maybe someone else is?


Thanks!. Saved this as a PDF. How to I get to your screen below?


Is that the whole image as seen in Preview? If so, it’s already cropped to the part you care about, so you can import it as texture.

Draw a square that corresponds to the right dimension for that much tile. For example if those are 4" tiles, draw an 8" square.

Then select that surface and File->Import-> and pick the right file type and “Use as texture”

Then as it looks for you to place the image, drag it out from one corner of your square to the other. That should make it the right scale.

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