Import a model from 3D warehouse directly inside sketchup app

Hello, i need help. i was doing my project before, and i wanted to add models from 3D warehouse. Usually people might add their 3D models by download it from browser then import it. What i did before, is click the 3d warehouse button ( from the app itself ). I download from there and add directly into my project. My question is, am i doing it correctly? Will i asked to be paid later on when my trials ended?

There is no charge for using the 3D Warehouse when you access it in SketchUp.

You can insert components from the 3D Warehouse directly into your project however it’s generally a better plan to download them into a separate file so you can check them to make sure they are suitable for your needs. Then copy and paste them into your project file.

Noted sir. Thank you very much for the information.