How to insert and link Google Sheet in Layout

Has anyone had any success with inserting and maintaining a link between spreadsheet data? I cannot seem to insert a “sheet”.
Of course, it can be pasted in as text, but the data will not be linked.
What am I not doing right?

Probably best would be to download it to your computer as .xlsx and insert that file into LayOut.

Thanks for reiterating this to me Dave. I must have read this a dozen times, but did not realize that a MS xlsx file would import, but a Google sheet would not… go figure.

Look at the file types available when you go to File>Insert.

Why are you surprised that .xlsx would be an insert option?

By the way, it’s generally best practice to keep the reference files locally. I keep all references for my LayOut files in a folder for the project. It isn’t a good practice to copy and paste from the web or from some other app into LayOut.

I did see the File Type of “table” and thought that if any type, Google Sheet would be insertable.
I do get the local file best practice though.

Of course if you only require PDF output you can insert the URL of the googles sheet in LO and anyone clicking on it would be taken to your spreadsheet… It is clumsy in LO but I do all the time in my Powerpoint where you can assign a URL link to any object (eg text string, image, vector object)…cou

Now if LO could simply extract the data (eg door schedule) from SU directly into a table in LO we would not need either excel or google sheets and a lot of manual updating