Linking an Excel file


What is the current state of success / functionality of linking an excel file to Layout?

I would like to run my schedules on Excel but have them auto update in Layout. However… I don’t want to put the energy into trying to set this up if it doesn’t work well.



Works fine for me.


Ok! well if you say so, then I will trust it is worth the effort. Thank you (again!) for your continued help!


You’re quite welcome.

You can give it a try pretty easily.

Are you going to add the spreadsheet to your template?


Yup. Code data, window, door, finish and fixture schedules…


Very good. The key thing will be to use the same sheet name in both the dummy XLSX template that you use in the real schedules. Then it’s a simple matter of relinking to the real schedule XLSX and if it gets modified after you’ve started the project just update the reference in Document Setup. Easy peasy.