Layout Tables Support for Google Sheets...?

I’ve tried and it doesn’t appear that you can link a Layout table to a Google sheet.

I’m using Excel 2010 and I had a notification today that Microsoft will not be supporting Office 2010 and that I should consider upgrading to Office 365.

It would be good if we can connect Layout tables to a Google sheet as we can with Excel.

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This blog post


Tables combine the best behaviors of a spreadsheet application (Excel, Google Sheets) with the best behaviors of a table editor (Word, Google Docs), and, of course, the unique styling and composition of LayOut. Read more about Adding Tables to a Document in the SketchUp Help Center as you dig into the new Tables feature.

Unless, I’m missing something, clearly Layout does not link to Google Sheets in the same way as it links to Excel.

Can you save your Google sheet as an Excel file?

What kind of support do you need? At home I am using an even older Office version (2007, if I remember right) and I think it is quite enough for my needs, and doesn’t require a subscription.

I guess one won’t need any support, Excel 2010 will probably carry on working.

Just I’d prefer to use Google Sheets.

My preference would be to link to a .gsheet file…

I haven’t used Microsoft Office for years. Instead I use LibreOffice and save tables as .xlsx. It’s always worked fine for me.

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