Simple formulas in Layout tables

Are there no simple formulas in tables in Layout? I need to sum up a column and add a couple cells together. If this isn’t a feature it for sure should be. I just started trying to use Layout as an Autocad replacement and this would be a problem. Also, how can I get entity info into a table (if possible)?

Probably better to create your table in a spreadsheet application and save it out as a .xlsx file that you can insert into LayOut.

As far as Entity Info information into a table, you can use Generate Report to collect that information into a .csv file.

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Ahh ok I will try the generate report. Would be cool if you could add Wires kinda like the labeling tool but a wire could grab info and then put it into a cell or a text object or whatever. That way it would be a live connection and then have some simple adding and functions added to tables. Guess I need to put in a feature request. I am too used to having live tables in Autocad for Area calcs.

Maybe something along these lines? Both little tables are from the same .xlsx file

Open the spreadsheet from LO and edit the values as needed. Save the changes and go back to LO. The tables will show the update.

I tried to make an animated GIF but for whatever reason, as long as the screen capture was running, LayOut wouldn’t update immediately.

I don’t want to have to use xls because then it won’t be a live connection. What I mean is something like this. A wire that you start on one thing and import into another thing.

Unfortunately that’s not currently an option. You can update the SketchUp model and have that update the viewports in the LO file but for text like you’re referring to, you would need to export a report from SU and update the reference in LO.

Yea I figured. Ok thanks maybe some day in the future