Another question about Tables in Layout

Just the other day I created a very simple file for a client in Layout.

After adding a table, some of the text input “stuck” so to speak. But the majority of it didn’t end up in the actual table.

What the heck did I do wrong?

I guess we can only guess!

Perhaps I worded this wrong.

I created a table, and then entered text into the rows and columns.

The first two entries became one with the table (i.e. those first two entries moved with the table). My subsequent entries didn’t.

The table was created on it’s own layer and all the other layers were locked.

So perhaps the question should have been, how do I create a table in Layout?

That wasn’t the main problem but is a natural consequence of the real problem which is ignoring the advice to upload the offending file. That’s why @MikeWayzovski quite rightly pointed out the we can only guess.

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Thanks but I got it, apparently I was in the table, but not the cell.

Hi CJ, glad you got it figured out. If you have exact details on how you encountered the problem, I’d like to hear them.


@Marc, it wasn’t a problem, it was my lack of attention as to how I was doing it. All it took was this, Adding Tables to a Document | SketchUp Help to refresh my memory.