Layout table dynamically linked to Sketchup drawing

Hi everyone,

With the new table feature in layout, you can generate a report from your sketchup drawing and then link a table in Layout to the csv file and keep them in synch.

Does any of you know if it’s possible to generate a report from your drawing directly in Layout eliminating the need to create a csv file and have your Layout table completely synched with your Sketchup drawing?

Is it something possible to develop on my own?

Hope it’s clear enough!

Hi Hubert-

At this time, there’s no way to run “Generate Report” directly from LayOut to eliminate the csv step. We really wanted to get that feature into the 2017 release, but there were too many obstacles for how much time we had available.


Hi Marc,

Thanks for getting back to me quickly!
Just knowing that it will be done eventually is a big plus!