Having Sketchup and a CSV file in synch


Hi everyone,

With the new sketchup 2017, there’s the possibility to generate reports and then have it on your layout sheet and keeping your layout table and csv file in synch.

We are a cabinet shop and once the drawings are approved, we generate a reports that provide us with a lot of info in order to order drawers,finishing, cabinets size etc etc

Would there be a way to have a csv file in synch with the drawing and also generate purchase order for filemaker (I have someone who will help with that part)

the attributes could be changed in the csv file or sketchup…

Hope that’s clear enough. At this point I have no idea of how much this can cost or if it’s even possible.
Anyone can help with this?



The dynamic link off the table in LayOut is with the .CSV-file, not with the actual SketchUp.SKP.
If anything changes , you would still have to manually Generate a new Report and ‘download’ as CSV



Thanks for your response! Still, would there be any ways that once a CSV
file is created, you can update it? Instead of creating a new one?
that way, Layout would still be linked to the same CSV file.
Thanks again


If the filepath and filename do not change, then LayOut will still be linked to the file (and will update when you open the presentation document in LayOut.) If the CSV file changes while the document is open in LayOut, then you’ll need to manually update it. (LayOut does not have a “live” API, so there no easy way to send it instructions to update it’s reference links.)


Thanks Dan!

I understand a bit better now!