How to "heal" this object



I downloaded this gear profile and I would like to know how I can make it have an “area” so I can extrude it up. I have 2 gears, I want each one to have its own area so I can manipulate that area, so far I have only the countour.Untitled.skp (173.0 KB)


I presume you mean this ?

Simply zoom into an edge and draw over it.
It should them form a face.
To make the hole do the same to one of the hole’s edges, then delete the face so you have a complex ‘donut’.


It worked almost perfetcly! The problem is that doing this the circle in the center is not really a circle. I want to be abe to select that circle -> FIND CENTER but unfortuntelly I cant select the circle nor find the center cause it’s made of many segments. How can I fix this?


How you created that inner circle has made it as separate segments, so it’s no longer a circle.
However, to find a would-be center you can try this simple method…
Zoom into the ‘circle’.
On one of its circumference ‘segment’ edges, use the Protractor tool, click on its midpoint, make a guideline at 90°.
Now choose a circumference edge about 90° away and repeat with the Protractor to make another guideline.
Where those two guidelines intersect is the center of what would have been the ‘circle’…

Draw a vertical line starting at that point to mark the center…


Zoom in to the circle, select a number of segments, then select 2-point Arc tool, type in the number of segments, hit enter and select the two end points of the selection of segments. Drag the bulge on one of the vertices . this would give you the center.
Edit: one of the possibilties…


Thank you for all the suggestion but the ARC reply was the easiest one! Thanks a lot guys, this is now working perfectly!


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