Intersecting a circle at 2 points

Okay first of all I am sorry I’m a noob to the program. I am trying to draw this figure and am stuck. I want to make these curved sections.Please help…Thanksthingamabob.skp (143.6 KB)

This is tricky, because when you have to construct circles from the center, you cannot know where to position the center so that the curve touches (tangentially) another edge.

SketchUp has several different arc tools that allow you to start an arc either from the center or from the curve, and it has hints (“inferences”) on whether the arc is tangential etc. A feature introduced in 2015 is the filleting option (exactly what you want to do). If you finish the arc tool early with a double click instead of a single click, not only the arc is created, but also the corner of the face is cut off.

thingamabob.skp (191.4 KB)

P.S.: It is generally good to tell also what you tried and where you had difficulties with or failed. Only people who download the file know what you were asking for.


Judging from the plan, it has all the dimensions needed to duplicate the piece in SketchUp. The only tricky part seems to be the counterbore in the hole on the vertical part. For that, you can use the Offset Tool. Once you shape that part, use the Tape Measure Tool to place guidelines for the center of those holes. Use the Circle and Push/Pull Tools to make the 7/16 in. hole. Then get the Offset Tool and draw the edge of the hole out until it matches the radius of the counterbore. Then use Push/Pull again to give the counterbore its depth.
Hope this helps.

Thanks to both of you.You have both been a great help…:slight_smile: