Need help creating a hole that angles/narrows


So I am trying to take the middle ring and have it slope down to the bottom of the bottom. Basically gives it like a 15 degree slope.


Select the ring, activate the move tool and click on the UP-arrow.
This will force the ring to move only in the blue direction and will create the necesary faces (Watch the status bar for the modifier keys)


Technically you don’t have to use the arrow key, it’s all about being at the right angle to move things. But the arrow keys help a lot.
Here is is without using the arrow lock.MoveRing


awesome. making progress. so i selected the circle and then the move tool and it didn’t grab the whole circle. weird


I had too many segments on my circle. I moved it back to 24 and I was able to do it.

Thanks sooooo much


It is a good habit to draw circles ‘along an Axe’ along with a functional number of segments, this will make it easier to edit.manage etc.
here is a option with the protractor:
(Note: I use the arrow keys for direction of move and direction of the protractor)


Here’s another reason to keep your circles on axis and divisible by 4, Cardinal Points.
The cardinal points allow you to resize circles with the move tool.
As you see here I am able to grab the four points that correspond with the axes.