How to have control over the release date of an extension on the Extension Warehouse?

Hello SketchUp Developers,

I need to submit an extension to the extension warehouse, however I have other factors (websites, backend) involved that need to be updated at the same time as the extension go live.
I was wondering if there was a way to control the release of the extension after it is approved by the submission review process? Is it even possible?


I believe currently it is not possible. Consider that the review takes some time (sometimes one or more days), probably more time than it takes you to react on the “published” email.

If you have control over the website release, you could publish the website as soon as you receive the email notification (it is unlikely more than 2-5 users will have seen installed the extension already). If the extension relies on backends, you should have running them before.

If you have no control over the website release, you could submit the extension let’s say 3 weekdays in advance.

If you however update an existing extension so that the new version is not compatible with the old backend and needs a new backend I would seriously consider not replacing backends, but running them with different endpoints.

I think it would be a cool feature being able to hide an extension. The submission form could already contain this option but with a default (:ballot_box_with_check: publicly visible). Or do you think setting a publish date/time is necessary (on which it automatically be published)? @EWH-team; @ChrisFullmer

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