How to go about to reproduce this as 3D model, most logical way?

I try to attach my little model here before it gets out of hand
I was very lucky with the phone app Polycam to scan the most intricate things
so I created this crab like sculpture out of pipe cleaners
Basically it’s three strings that are bent and knotted at centre at one somewhat elongated point
(3due to the three lines to follow)
But scanning seem to be impossible as the edges are fussy. It never works
I know I could go and buy some solid pipe or thick wire
but set myself this goal to TRY to conceptualize it in a classic visual approach.
So I made vertical faces that seem to mimic the leg stretches
and circled for the bodies
For people to walk inside it or on top I thought a 3m diameter would be ideal if not 4m (can be changed later on)
I was wondering what advise help some of you could give me to make the knot with “follow me”?
I also have a hard time always to make a circle at the end of one line with one point only
Usually I stretch a vertical and then a horizontal and make a square then I draw a circle on it .
I am sure there are better ways.
I still can’t figure out how to make things go into the exact direction xyz like with angles etc
what to hold down to make something snap into wanted direction?

CRABbasicGEOMETRICconcept.skp (293.7 KB)

A quick search, for wire, on the SketchUp YouTube Page, should possibly give ideas.

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Thank you

You might like to try a plugin called “pipe along path” by TIG - [Plugin] PipeAlongPath | sketchucation

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CRABbasicGEOMETRICconceptGLASS_BIGintercut.skp (1.7 MB)

Hi that’s the best I have come up with.
I am sort of OK with it be not 100% …I must admit
but I can’t make the legs go smoothly into the floor
I tried this with follow me .“PipealongPath” as recommended.
But as I sort of built the path myself it isn’t perfect of smooth continuity.

I am off to buy some thicker pipe/wire to bend along and make another 3D scan
to see if I can improve the fluidity of the curves interacting
Merci beacoup pour votre aide
je suivi votre lien et je vois que vous etes de France
ou j’ai fait mes etudes a Paris.

Hello I just replied to paddyclown with what I managed to come up with
Thanks for your directions

Hi, it looks pretty good, but you’re right, the path needs to be smoother for the PipeAlong to work better…
Vous étiez où à l’école à Paris ?

Oui merci.
Maintenant je me demande comment mettre des escalier en spirale pour le future et puis des de promenades en bois pour les parties plus horizontales comme des chemains de campagne.
Oui, jai fait mes etudes de Haute Couture a Paris aux ecoles de la chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne rue St. Roch pres de l’opera. J’ai habite 17 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau a 200 m du Louvre. J’ai commence chez YSL. Que de bon souvenirs.
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J’ai regarde vos projects j’aime bien la maison de campagne avec toit courbe support bois presse.
Ici ils utlisent ca beacoup pour stations metro SKYTRAIN de Vancouver.
Un de mes meilleurs amis est un architecte en pension maintenant Boguslaw Witkowski. Il fait des tres chouettes projets.
Il etait “mentored” par Ricardo Boffil quand il a commence comme interne a Barcelone.
Bogdan parle courrament Chinois Mandarin.
On en a commnece un project ensemble mais apres un an de travail le proprio a HKG a vendu son terrain pour 600 million au lieu de construire notre gratte ciel. :slight_smile: Opportunite passee.
Je ne suis pas architecte mais depuis 1997 j’ai cree et construit de maison de ± 600m2
en Afrique du Sud, concepts et plans et construction, signees par un architecte et ingenieur civil pour des payments extra.

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