How to give a "NATURAL & FLOWING" curve to my leather strap?

I have tried now for over several weeks on and off to make this leather bag strap to fall in a natural manner
from vertical to slight curved horizontal (as if lying casually on the pillow of a sofa set) or standing on a chair with the strap hanging from a tree branch as in the rendering

I have tried “curvy loft & truebend” as advised by some kind people here.
The distance from the vertical to the bottom one can be slightly longer from mid way to mid way would be fine also as long as gets to look natural.
I am trying to create an item that has not been produced yet to give the crowd sourcing interested persons a real good look at what the bag may look like

Someone here in the forum in previous post kindly sent me a GIF on how he achieved. It looked great
BUT that does not resolve my issue on how to get there. And he did not attach the model for me to work from.
I have distanced the two rectangular ends 0.4cm (thickness) x 4cm width and tried to link them with
imaginary curves . I tried the follow me but it still never looks “natural”
One simple bent the leather is thick and stiff and won’t curve and roll about
think hardware case or old trunk handle stiffness NOTHING like the fashionable soft napa leather
I don’t mind the strap lying slightly to the right in diagonal
4Forum_quest_00_02_03_22_vertical_2_horizontal_curved_bag_open_straps.skp (6.0 MB)
and I made a line that would be acceptable.
But I don’t want the strap to go too much side wards as it would look odd.
I have distinctive reason for the need of strap to be shown lying OPEN.
Thats what makes my bag different and reason I can’t show it here online at this time.

Thank you so much.

Hello. That was me I believe who was looking at options for you in another thread, I got a bit overwhelmed with work. I’m still not quite sure what you want from your description or your file. Is the image in this post a correct version of what you are trying to achieve?

Or something more like this?



Thank you so much for coming back to me again so kind and patient of you.
OK I added another pic this is the rendering of the exact SKU model with the odd bend.

May I ask what is this extension you use with the menu I see on the left of your screen?
The twist should happen within an L shape to get from vertical to horizontal

You are building yours one the horizontal axe
if you would rotate 90degree vertical than the lower part would not lie in the near horizontal curve
as on the sofa pillow.

mmmh gosh my German/French/Chinglish isn’t that good
often gives me headaches here to explain my issues
as I don’t use the right words from the 3D vocabulary

Thank you Mr Endlessfix you really live up to your handle

I did attach my model I only need to connect the two parts “as they are in my model”

So, if one could bend “the twist” upwards, as you made it in this gif that should work.
Because how you made it now even if I rotate it vertically
I don’t need the two to connect like closed hanging over a shoulder that I have already

This curvy loft I multiplied the size by 10 but it still looks odd
It does not keep the rectangular shape while bending
It’s probably me not using curvyloft right
I don’t know where to click to tell it to keep the shape and not fill the volume as it does
5testCURVE.skp (221.9 KB)

Thanks for the screen shot, that was very helpful in finally understanding the goal. I slammed this version together using a combination FredoScale tools, box twisting and radial bending, then I tweaked a few nodes into shape to blend the transitions. Try this:


handbag v19.skp (5.8 MB)

thank you very much it’s VERY NICE
OK wish me luck for me to manage to make the same .
How do you record thes gifs may I ask?
It this an animation SKU
or you record with camasia or something like that?
THANKS again so happy we came to this stage.

Basically I used the extension fredoscale to manipulate a straight piece of strap to make it fit. First box twisting to twist 90, then radial bending to turn X to Z. It’s a rough and imperfect process but passes visual scrutiny. I’m on my phone now but I’ll try to post a short gif of the process later.

I record gifs with LICEcap.

Hello Ednlessfix

I think I managed to give it a look along your advise
I gave an additional twist in the part that comes forward
not to be so static
I have tried but not managed “YET” to make the main L curve little taller than the other side
to brake the symmetry more and I put it slightly into a slight diagonal falling down
00_04_03_22_CORRECTED_4_FORUM.skp (6.2 MB)
Here are both sides
It was quite problematic to get to this as I made the curves 10x bigger then reduced the size again
somehow there were tiny differences in the thickness of the leather meeting the bag
but we are not taking it under the microscope and I can correct tiny things in PS
I used Fredo box twister and Fredo scale
I made a deep research into different extensions.
I desperately tried to followandtwist but it doesn’t want to install into SK19
Kind regards

Hope you see my result, thanks to you.
I will try to perfect more along it.
Thanks for the LICEcap intro.
Have great sunny day.