How to get the zero to show up in dimensions

Is there a way to get the zero to show up in dimensions that are feet and 0 inches? For example, 12’-0 3/16" instead of 12’-3/16"

There is a feature request for this and hopefully we’ll see it sooner rather than later. Currently, though, you would have to manually edit the dimension to add the 0. It may be important to know that editing the dimension text that way will result in a fixed dimension meaning that a change of length in the SketchUp model won’t be reflected in the dimension so you would need to either edit or replace the dimension.

Right. I’ve seen this feature request out there since at least 2017. Let’s hope we see it sooner rather than never… Thanks for your help.

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I feel lucky for being born in a country with a standard dimensioning system.
Why is there a minus sign in the format? Is 12’-03/16" more or less than 12’ ?

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The hyphen is a separator. In Fractional units it makes it clear that one and three sixteenths inch is not thirteen sixteenths. 1-3/16" or 13/16". It’s a hold over from the days of hand lettering drawings

The hyphen in Architectural units is a separator between feet and inches normally used when the single and double quotes aren’t. It would be written as 12-8 although it’s seen with the units markings, too, as in 12’-6". Of course dimensions that are short of an inch would benefit from the 0 as in 12’-0 3/16". Things can get a little weird. 12’-1 3/16 might get confused with 12’-13/16" and to prevent that, adding the 0 would help because it would read as 12’-0 13/16" Personally I think the hyphen would still be more useful between the whole inch and fraction than between the feet and whole inches especially if the single and double quotes are being used. But no one asked me when they were setting up the standard.

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